Level 3 Processing for Commercial Transactions

Its extremely likely level 3 processing (line item detail) lowers your interchange cost of processing B2B & B2G transactions by 1% or more! Level 3 processing for commercial transactions is a great way to lower interchange cost before processors add their fee.

You probably already know this but, whenever you accept a credit card from a customer, you have to pay an interchange fee on that transaction.  This fee can amount to 80% of your total expense.


Here is why nobody has ever told you about this. 

What most businesses dont know, mainly before their processor did not know, or has not shared this, but there is a special interchange category for level 3 processing on commercial cards. Processors also receive no revenue whatsoever for offering you level 3 processing, remember this is strictly about interchange, not your processors rate.  Accepting B2B & B2G transactions without being properly set up for level 3 processing for commercial transactions, you lose up to 1.5% of potential revenue that has nothing to do with your rate or processor.

The guide above shows you how the same card varies depending on how its processed along with the importance of level 3 processing.


Revolution Payments Fixes This Problem for Businesses!

My company fixes this problem for you. Our gateway streamlines the entire process and it does it without you having to do any actual work, or hassles.  We even provide our gateway at no cost to clients.


What do do?

Interested in seeing how much Level 3 Processing for your Commercial Transactions will save you each month? Give us a call at 888 790 3450 or upload a recent statement Here. https://www.revolution-payments.com/level-3-rate-quote/

Worst case you get some great information that can help you empower your business.


Find out How Level 3 Processing for Your Commercial Transactions Will Impact Your Bottom Line!