Save Money with Level 3 P-Card Processing

Save Money

If you are a government contractor who accepts credit cards you should familiarize yourself with level 3 credit card processing.  Visa and MasterCard created special rates as a way to encourage government government contractors to enter level 3 payment detail. Doing so can lower your cost of accepting these cards by 30%-40%.

Make sure you work with an experienced payment professional to ensure you are set up properly to receive 100% of the incentive rates.  Questions on how you can save money with Level 3 P-card processing give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email info@




Save Money with Level 3 P-Card Processing

In Episode #51, we talk with Sean Jones of Revolution Payments about how contractors could benefit from level 3 credit card processing.  The option has been around for years but not every contractor realizes it.   Though some GSA contracts require level 3, others do not, yet contractors can still take advantage of the savings.  Sean explains the history of level 3 and its  savings.