Government P card processing – Level 3 processing

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Government Vendors: Don’t Leave “Rebate” Money on the Table


Add up to 1.5% to your bottom line for Accepting

Gov & Non Gov Commercial & P-Cards

Please note, this is much different than your standard merchant account and will effectively add up 1.5% to your bottom line On ALL Government, Commercial & Business transactions without having to Increase your sales volume and regardless of your current rate or processor.

The  biggest challenge speaking to vendors is having them keep an open mind and not focus on the rate processors charge but, “interchange” but, the fee that goes back to the issuing bank.   Accepting a commercial or government card w/o level 3 line item detail, you will ALWAYS pay about 1% more than the Best rate you can receive from your processor!

Let me explain:  You probably already know that Visa and MasterCard use “interchange fees” to determine how much you pay an issuing bank each time you accept a credit card order.

What the banks and credit card processing companies may not have told you is that for B2B & government purchases, the interchange fees fall into one of 3 interchange categories — Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 – with 1 being the highest rates and 3 being the lowest.

Revolution Payments offers is a proprietary payment solution, and here’s how it works: For all credit card transactions … regardless of your processing method … our system automatically attaches details to every transaction that update all your credit card orders to Level 3 interchange rates.

On average, businesses that use the Revolution Payments Gateway to process their credit card orders lower their rate on average by 1.0% to 1.5%.


Free Level 3 Processing Rate Quote. Stop leaving money on the table.

Fax your last month’s statement to 877 351 0195 or call 888 790 3450 Expect to see a 30%-40% reduction on B2B & Government Transactions


The largest component of fees you pay to accept credit cards is interchange. Interchange amounts to 75%-90% of the total fees your paying right now. Level 3 processing allows you to capture a large chunk of this interchange revenue you cannot receive otherwise.  Accepting a commercial or government card w/o level 3 detail, it qualifies at level 1 and cost about 1% more (interchange) before your processor adds their fee.