How much can level 3 processing save you?

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This post shows how much level 3 processing can save you on your (B2B) business-2-business and (B2G) business-2-government transactions. Even if you have a great rate, accepting b2b, commercial or purchase cards without level 3 detail, you are always going to pay about 1% more than the best rate you can receive from a processor.

This is because these cards end up qualifying at completely different interchange rates (level 1) before a processor adds their rate.  Visa and MasterCard use interchange rates/fees to determine how much you pay to accept certain cards.  For commercial and B2B cards, interchange falls into one of three interchange categories.

Level 1, level 2 and level 3.  The different interchange levels are designated based on what information you include with the transaction when you accept the card.   Level 3 processing detail is information generally found on an invoice. Transactions ONLY qualify at level 3 processing rates if level 3 processing information is included with the transction, otherwise and as you will see in this picture, the transaction qualifies at level 1 interchange and you pay 80 basis points more.

Level 3 data savings

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