How to Reduce your transaction cost for accepting commercial cards

Passing Level-2 and Level-3 Detail on the commercial, corporate,
fleet, purchasing and government cards your accepting can reduce your
transaction cost by 40%.

Savings is further enhanced for:

  • GSA transactions $5,984.61> Interchange is 1.20% + $39
  • Non GSA $8,725> Interchange is ( 1.45% +$35.00 ) this varies whether
    it’s a V/MC

Which qualify for Large Ticket Interchange

If you sell to other businesses or government and not set up correctly
to pass level-2 and level-3 credit card processing detail, your giving up a large
chunk of revenue you cannot get from a processor lowering your rate.
This all happens on an interchange level before your processor adds
their markup.

It’s highly recommended merchants consult with an experienced
Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government merchant service
provider. You need the proper payment technology and rate structure
to ensure you receive 100% of the interchange discounts.

Level-2 and Level-3 Made Easy

Revolution Payments can automate interchange qualification by
automatically sending level-2 and level-3 detail on your behalf
without requiring you to enter the up to 13 fields of information.

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Level-3 processing through QuickBooks supported