What is Level-3 Processing

Level 3 Processing is a more advanced way of accepting commercial and
government cards.


It defines detailed information about the
transaction such as, what is being purchased, who is involved and how it takes


Your Commercial, Purchase and Government Cards are falling into one of three
interchange categories; Level-1, Level-2 or Level-3.  This is based on
additional information you’re passing with these transactions.

Your cost from passing Level-3 vs. not can be as high as 1.5%.

This happens on an interchange level before processors add their markup.



Data Element Level-1 Level-2 Level-3
Merchant Name  *  *  *
Transaction Amount  *  *  *
Transaction Date  *  *  *
Customer Code  *  *
Ship From Postal Code  *
Destination Postal Code  *
invoice Number  *
Order Number  *
Freight Amount  *
Line Item Detail of Purchase  *

Level 3 requires you use payment solutions capable of capturing these
line item requirements. Many gateways do not and credit card terminals
will not.


Revolution Payments has the ability to automate interchange rate
qualification by automatically sending Level-2 and Level-3 detail on
your behalf across all payment channels, swiped, keyed, mobile and

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