Level 3 Credit Card Processing for GSA Vendors/Contractors

Level 3 Credit Card Processing for GSA Vendors/Contractors

Government Contractors can reduce Credit Card Processing Fees with a

Level 3 Merchant Account from Revolution Payments!

MasterCard & Visa created special “interchange” rates to support vendors by reducing cost “interchange” when level 3 payment detail is included with the payment file. Vendors can save as much as 30% to 40%, saving your business thousands of dollars in annual processing costs. This will also help increase your profit margins on each transaction

Level 3 Processing processes your  credit card transactions at their respective interchange rate.

Look at Your Credit Card Processing Statement. See any of the following surcharges

• Qualified or Qual
• Mid Qualified or MQual
• Non Qualified or NQual
• Standard or STND
• Electronic Com
• Corp Data Rate 1
• Level 1
• Bill-Back – example: DEC BB195 Trans Cleared

If the answer is YES, this indicates your merchant account is setup incorrectly and overpaying in your processing fees.

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PS: Government, Commercial, Business, Purchasing and Corporate cards processed w/o level 3 payment detail, qualify at different interchange codes  costing  .80%-1.5% more, before processors add their markup!

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