Processing Government P-cards w/ level 3 payment data

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GSA Vendors

Why pay 2.65% vs 1.85%

to process a Government P-card?



With the many challenges facing contractors today, it’s no wonder so many are relying on their banks or existing credit card processors  to set them up to accept Government P-cards.

It’s regrettable that many in the contracting industry are unaware of the advantages available for accepting these cards correctly


To support acceptance of corporate & Government P-cards, MasterCard & Visa have reduced interchange rates associated with these cards if  Level-3 payment data is included in the credit card transaction.  These special rate can reduce a contractors processing costs by up to 40%.


This savings is available for any size ticket, HOWEVER savings can be further increased for contractors by enrolling in the special GSA Smartpay “Large Ticket” program.  This qualifies your  transactions of $5,984.61 and above at 1.2%


Statics show us that at least 3 out of 5 GSA schedule vendors have not been set up to accept Purchase cards correctly. Most have been set up to accept standard consumer credit cards vs commercial and purchase cards. This is unknowingly cutting into a vendors profit margin, on average by 1%-1.5%


One reason this is often overlooked is that Level 3 processing reclassifies a portion of the interchange fees businesses pay to accept credit cards, that is not related to the rates processors charge.

Interchange goes back to the bank that issued the credit card and amounts to 75%-90% of a businesses total expense for accepting credit cards


Credit card processors receive no incentive for offering you level 3 processing, nor are they required to make sure contractors are properly set up to accept credit cards in the most efficient and economical matter.

Revolution Payments developed technology to help contractors meet the requirements for qualifying for the reduced Visa & MasterCard processing rates.

This new revenue can easily add 1%-1.5% to your bottom line without having to increase your sales volume.


Most processors have the best intentions

Even if your processor has the best intentions and honestly trying to do a good job for you, their inexperience when it comes to setting your account properly to accept Government P-Cards may be driving your costs up.

Setting up a merchant account to accept commercial and government credit cards is different than setting up a traditional retail merchant account.


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